super softy

65.2980.17 ex. btw

our super softy packer is a very soft prosthetic penis

♥  simple affordable packer
♥  very soft and flexible
♥  body fitting curve for comfort & natural looking bulge
♥  compact & very comfortable to wear, especially in skinny jeans!
♥  colour accents painted inside
♥  made of high quality, certified skin safe silicone
♥  hand made in Utrecht, NL

◊  we aim to dispatch this product within 2 weeks
◊  our products are hand painted, colours may slightly differ from the pictures above
◊  we produce our products on individual order, for this reason all sales are final
◊  due to the intimate nature of the product we can not accept returns
◊  this product is not suitable for penetration or play
◊  this product is extremely soft. DO NOT use hard packing gear and harnesses, this will damage the product
◊  only pack down or to the side
◊  this product should be powdered with talcum to avoid tackiness




PSS01 height/width/depth: 11 x 6 × 8 cm
PSS02 height/width/depth: 11.5 x 7 × 8.5 cm
PSS03 height/width/depth: 11 x 6 × 7 cm


PSS01 11 cm
PSS02 13 cm
PSS03 10.5 cm


PSS01 175 gram
PSS02 225 gram
PSS03 175 gram

product care

use warm water, ph neutral soap to clean your prosthetic.
don’t scrub, this may damage the product
powder after cleaning with talcum to prevent tackiness and to keep this product soft
this product is extremely soft. DO NOT use hard packing gear, this will damage the product